Monday, June 28, 2010

Here's a tip for you.

If, by chance, you are in need of that wonderful product known as "Super Glue", there are a couple of things you want to make sure of. If you open a new tube, makeabsolutely sure that the cap which holds the dispensing nozzle is firmly screwed back onto the tube. Secondly, you do not want to carry this tube in your pants pocket. Particularly if you are also carrying a pocket full of screws.

Did this happen to you, John, you may ask.

And I would reply. No comment.

The glue will leak through the fabric which makes up your pocket and, before it dries, will leak onto your boxer briefs. It will then leak through your boxer briefs onto the skin of your upper thigh.

Very powerful stuff, this super glue. In just a moment your pants will be glued to your underwear, which will be glued to your leg. This makes a quick trip to the restroom very difficult, depending of course on the position you need to assume while in the restroom.

Sounds like this happened to you, John.

I'm just saying. And the removal of this mess can be very painful. Nail polish remover is supposed to work well, but it's hard to get it into your pocket, through your pocket onto your unmentionables and then your leg without looking like you've wet yourself. I'm just saying.

And then once you get the whole thing off, you will find that you now have a hole in your pocket, drawers that aren't worth keeping, and a hickey on your thigh.

So think about these things the next time your in the hardware store and you need a tube of this "Super Glue". It may not be worth the trouble.

I'm just saying.

Life has been good for us, just busy. Preston's county of birth wanted to reduce his assistance subsidy again after failing to negotiate according to the law. So we filed for another state hearing and won that one as well. They are not keen on continuing to try to get it reduced anymore.

Ben is home from college for the summer and working at Pizza Hut. Hana is working as an aid on a bus route for developmentally disabled adults. Isaac is enjoying his summer of freedom and Josh is going to a school for Autistic kids as his extended school year program. We are thinking that by the end of the summer, if we can get everything lined up, we're gonna pull him from the public school and put him in there full time. It's just a matter of getting all our ducks in a row.

Speaking of ducks, I was driving through the western suburbs of Chicago today heading north on 59, traffic is moving well. It's a state route so there are lights every now and then, and then next thing I know, the lady who had just passed me, jumps into my lane right in front of me and hitsher brakes. Not like locked them up, you know, just slowed down really fast. I hit mine and started to get over into the lane she had just left. And then I saw them. A mother duck with about 6 chicks all in a row trying to cross this busy street. She realized her poor planning and turned her brood around and headed back to the median. When I got by her, I looked in my mirror and saw her start them bakc across. Looked like they all made it sfely.

My mower bit the dust not right before Father's day and shot my idea of buying a new grill for father's day. There's only so much money going around and I needed a new mower. So that's what I got. It's a nice push mower that starts easily.

Preston was so happy with it that he promptly took off throughout the neighborhood trying to get people to let him mow their lawns. He gets back in about two hours and he's made $30 and has two people who want him to come mow for them every week. Saturday he was out agin and made another $25 in the afternoon. The older kids are a little...peeved? He's making it look a little too easy. I've been telling them for years that they could get out there and mow lawns but they haven't done it yet. Oh well.

Other than that, life is good. Work is picking up, and Sheila is very happy that she now lives in a house with central air conditioning. I am as well. I'm also very glad that, since we rent, I don't have to pay the repairman when the air conditioner breaks down.

Life is good.