Saturday, March 22, 2008

Still gone

I'm in San Antonio visiting my sister and I get a call from my wife saying my dog is missing. Nothing I can do from here. She had a foster kid who turned all three dogs loose and said they pulled out of their collars. Lucy, the one that is missing, can not pull out of her collar. The collar is designed for just that eventuality. It's cold at home and I'm sure that she is either shivering out there somewhere or someone took her in, not knowing where she belonged since her collar was taken off.

I am not a happy fellow right now. I am waiting on a message that says she came home. I doubt it's coming tonight.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

So this is Sun?

I'm in Texas on vacation right now and I'm at Tim and Julie's and the smell of breakfast is wafting in here to me. So, henceforth, I shall be quick. You won't hear much from me for the next week or more but that's okay. A little of me goes a long way. I'm trying to take pictures and notes as I go along. I'll try to tell you more later. Have fun.

By the way. These are two of the sweetest people that God ever saw fit to put on this earth.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Too many links

When I was a student, many, many moons ago, I was required to add footnotes and sources at the bottom of any research paper that I might happen to write. I was also required to make sure that footnotes and sources were at the bottoms of the papers that I paid someone else to write. It's called being responsible. Document your sources. that's what we were told. tell us where you got your information from. And am I having problems with a capital T on this keyboard? But that's another question.

In this modern age of hyper information and mega-blogging, the hyperlink has taken the place of the footnote. You know what I mean. For example, if I wanted to tell you how my work out program was going I might send you to this site here and let you see for yourself. But therein lies the problem. Once you go to that site, you may find something there that attracts your attention and never find your way back to my most entertaining blog.

And so we address the problem of "multiple links". This is a true story. I swear to...well, I'm not allowed to swear to Him, but let's just say I promise this actually happened.

I'm sitting in the Petro in Racine again checking mail, blogs and such and I see, by way of Google Reader, Mickey’s written a new post. So I go there and start reading. Mickey is most entertaining as well as being informative. But Mickey has a link to another page about underground goods transportation and so I go there to check it out. In that article I see something about harmful batteries and figure that’s worth a look and so off I go again. I mean, come on. What’s next? Battery control? Seven day waiting period for a D cell. Only two days if it’s a AA.

Fighting my glasses, which keep falling down my face, I read about the problem with the electric car and why it has no future. It’s in the batteries see. They take me to the Tesla Roadster as an example and I’m off to the races. Sorry bad joke.

Tesla says, “Hey! It’s not a converted Lotus Elise” and so I wonder why and go here and then here and then here and then here and then here and then here and then here and then here, and I’m thinking, yeah, right, and then she takes me here, and since I’m a blog man I go here just to see what she has to say which she doesn’t. It’s what others have to say. So I wonder to myself and I’m off to this page. I see Akron, which is close to home, so I go here. Which takes me here, and then here and then here and then here and…

I could have gone on but that was when I realized that this world will never be without trucks. Can’t you see? Follow the links and you’ll see that it all comes back around to trucking. Trucking. The link that keeps us rolling. Hey, I like that. Maybe I’ll copyright it.

Now I need to go back and finish reading Mickey's post. Then I'm going to bed. I can't keep this up.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

I made it out

I'm sitting in a rest area outside of Lansing, MI and getting ready for bed. Got out of the yard with minimal spinning due to some great plowing by Paul at work. Thank you, Paul. The roads were fine by the time I got going and MI didn't get much of anything so it should be smooth sailing from here on out.

Finished an excellent book yesterday by Stephen Hunter called "Pale Horse Coming". I've never read anything of his but I really was sucked into this one. Seemed like every time I had the story figured out it would twist again. Guess I've got a new author to read now. Sheila had just finished Stephen King's new book "Duma Key" so I started that and brought it with me. I hope to finish it before I fly out Saturday. Don't need any more fines.

You been watching?

You been watching the news the last couple days? We got hit. Snow, snow and more snow. Yesterday our county was under a level 3 snow emergency which means that nobody except emergency personnel is allowed on the roads. If you're caught out there then you could subject yourself to arrest. We hunkered down and just waited it out. It was a nice day to be inside.

This time next week I will be sitting in Arlington, TX enjoying a church service with a bunch of my family, and getting ready for my grandfathers' 95th birthday party. Unless they get a freak cold snap or some snow. Then I'm going to Florida. Or at least South Padre Island. I've already warned everyone. If there's cold weather, I'm gone.

I got the kids out there shoveling this morning. Many hands makes short work. Or something like that. Seems like I ended up "showing them how" more than they actually did though. When your snow is this deep there's something about having neat paths that just calls to your spirit. Maybe I'm just anal.

Now I'm tired and don't feel like blogging. Maybe later today. The bacon is thawing on the counter waiting to be cooked for lunch and I'm waiting for a call from my boss letting me know that the shop is plowed enough so I can get my truck out and head out tonight. If I can get out of Ohio I should be fine. Have fun.

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Got em

The tickets that is. I have purchased my tickets to Texas. Yeeeehaaaa!!! The tax refund came in just in time. I asked my wife if she was sure that I should go by myself and she said yes and you'd better buy those tickets today or that money is liable to disappear. So I'm off to Texas on the 15th of March. I took two weeks vacation and I'm gonna rent me a car while I'm there and spend some time driving around seeing family and friends. And yes, Julie, I'm coming to see you and Tim. I'll go to Fort Worth first for the party, then down to San Antonio to stay a couple days with my sister, back up to the Fort Worth area and visit with some cousins then out to Julie and Tims house, then back towards Fort Worth, and all this time it'll just be me in the car and I can stop and pee whenever and wherever I want. So THERE!

I had to go shoe shopping today because the only shoes I have are a pair of sandals, my church shoes, and my work shoes which I have been wearing all the time lately. The problem is my work shoes have steel toes in them and I figured that would probably be a real pain in the butt to try to get on the plane with those on my feet. You migfht read about me in the paper somewhere. But anyway, I've got to get online and find out what all I can carry with me. It's been quite a while since I've been on a plane. Long before 9/11 if I remember correctly. One thing I know that I'll be carrying with me is Dramamine. I don't fly well cause I like to look out the window and that just throws my stomach for a loop. So I take the big D pill and it really helps, plus it makes me sleepy so the flight goes faster. But not for the others seated around me. Word is that I snore pretty bad. Sorry bout your luck there, seat mate.

Sheila and I had a little culture in our lives tonight though. We went to the Galion Community Theater and saw a play. She wanted to go out and I didn't want to drive back into Mansfield or deal with all the punky people who wind up sitting in front of us at the dollar theater so we settled on the play. Plus a bonus was that two of the actors were friends of ours. We didn't get free tickets or anything. It was just fun watching them. The play was called The Foreigner. I think it was Alan Shue who wrote it. Somebody Shue anyway. It was a comedy and they did a great job.

So I believe at this time I will say goodnight cause I'm off to bed. See you all tomorrow.