Saturday, November 28, 2009

My children are...


You know the contest they run under the soda caps. Twist off the cap and you might win a free soda or a trip to the Bahamas or a lifetime supply of snide remarks.

But usually it says "Please Try Again".

So I twist it off and Isaac asks, "What's it say."

"Please Try Again."

"Cool. Can I try it?"

"Try what?"

"Try it again" he says as he twists the cap off and looks under the same cap I just looked at. "Darn!"

"What are you looking at? I told you it said 'Please Try Again'."

"I know", Isaac says. " That's why I wanted to be the one to Try Again."

"So what's it say?"

"It says 'Please Try Again"."

This could go on all night.

Saturday, November 14, 2009


Well. We got moved. We didn't go far. Just about a half mile away. And I'm finding there are boxes still waiting to be unpacked. Not from this move but from the move three moves ago. I have boxes that haven't been unpacked in 15 years. And why, you ask. I don't know. Just haven't. Quit being so picky.

But it's a nice house and we like it.

And we left the possum behind.